• Exchange 2016 Email – Android Phone / Tablet

    This article is related to – Mailprotector Exchange+ TeamAnywhere 2016

    This guide is based on setting this up on a Sony Andrid Phone, but most Android devices are similar in the way you setup up email

    1. Go to settings
    2. Go to Accounts
    3. Click on ‘Add Account’
    4. Choose ‘Exchange ActiveSync
    5. Enter your email address and password
    6. Click ‘Next
    7. Under ‘Domain\Username’ enter your email address
    8. Enter your password again (if not already entered)
    9. Under server remove any text that may be in there and enter ‘exchange.emailservice.io’
    10. Make sure that  ‘Use secure Connection (SSL)’ is checked
    11. Make sure that ‘Accept all SSL certificates’ is checked
    12. Click ‘Next
    13. You will get a pop-up window ‘Remote security administration’ click ‘OK’ to that
    14. Click ‘Next’ to the following screen
    15. Name the Account as desired
    16. Click ‘Finish Setup
    17. That’s it – all done!

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