• Exchange 2013 Email – Apple Outlook 2016

    This article is related to – Mailprotector Exchange+ 2013

    These instructions are based on you running ‘El Capitan’ OS, with the latest updates

    1. Click on the ‘Outlook‘ link at the top left of the screen within Outlook
    2. Then click on ‘Preferences
    3. Then ‘Accounts
    4. Then to the bottom of the box you will see a ‘+‘ button, click this and choose ‘Exchange’
    5. In the next box that is show under ‘e-mail address:‘ please enter your full email address
    6. Leave the section ‘Method‘ as it is which will be ‘User Name and Password
    7. Under the ‘User name:‘ section please enter you full email address
    8. In the ‘password‘ section please enter your password, which is case sensitive
    9. Make sure that the check box ‘Configure automatically‘ has a tick in it
    10. Now press the button ‘Add Account
    11. You will now be asked to enter the ‘Server‘ please enter: exchange.mailprotector.com
    12. Click the ‘finish‘ button
    13. The account will now be added to your Outlook program and will start syncing your emails from the server, this could take some time depending on your mailbox size and your Internet connection speed
    14. That’s it, all done

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