• CloudFilter control panel – release blocked emails

    This article is related to – Mailprotector CloudFilter – Spam Protection

    1. Log into the Mailprotector web console: https://freelancecomputers.mailprotector.com
    2. Enter  your ‘Email Address‘ and your ‘Password‘ then press the ‘Sign in‘ button
    3. To the right of the console you will see a link called ‘Quarantine‘ click this link
    4. You will now see some ‘Tabs‘ at the top ‘Spam‘ ‘Virus‘ ‘Policy‘ and ‘Released
    5. Click on the either ‘Spam’ or ‘Policy’  to view your blocked email, can you change the search date in the search fields as well if required
    6. Find the ‘Email(s)‘ you want to release, check the box to the left of the emails and click on the ‘Release‘ button
    7. That’s it – all done!

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