• Change Your Login Password Exchange 2016

    This article is related to – Mailprotector Exchange+ Lite 2016

    Whilst Freelance Computers initially setup the password for each new account that we create, we always encourage the user to set their own password for security reasons.

    The Mailprotector control panel that we use to create user accounts do not show the password that is in place, the only way we can ever know what the password is to your email account is if you choose to continue using the original password that we setup.

    Please note that you can only change a password once within a 24 hour period and you can only change the password via the Outlook Webmail system as outlined below

    1. Log into outlook webmail ‘www.outlookwebmail.co.uk
    2. Enter your ‘Email Address‘ and then your ‘Password
    3. Now click on the ‘Cog Icon‘ top right
    4. Choose ‘Options’
    5. Now click on the ‘General‘ link to the left of the screen and then ‘My Account
    6. Towards to right right side of the page near the bottom you will see a link ‘Change your password
    7. You be asked to enter your existing password and then your new password, this must be at least 8 characters, with mixed uppercase, numbers and special characters in order for conform with Microsoft’s security requirements
    8. Press the ‘Save‘ button
    9. You will then get a notification that your password has now been changed
    10. That’s it, all done!

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