• Add email address to ‘Allow List or ‘Block List’

    This article related to – Mailprotector CloudFilter – Spam Protection

    1. Log into the Mailprotector web console: https://freelancecomputers.mailprotector.com
    2. Enter¬† your ‘Email Address‘ and your ‘Password‘ then press the ‘Sign in‘ button
    3. To the right of the console you will see a link called ‘Allow/Block‘ click this link
    4. You will now see some icons at the top of the list ‘Add Allow‘ and ‘Add Block
    5. Click on the one you want to work with and simply add the email address or domain name and click add, you can keep adding more and more email addresses or domain names until you have finished, then simply click on the ‘I’m done‘ button to complete
    6. That’s it.

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