ssl – a new way to boost your google ranking

News emerged in January 2017 of another tool that website owners can use to positively boost their Google ranking – SSL certificates.

Google HTTPS Ranking can no longer be ignored. Non-HTTPS websites will be labelled as ‘Not Secure’ by Google Chrome.

Google wants a more secure web and is staging a multi-phase rollout of changes to its Google Chrome browser to encourage website owners to switch to HTTPS, also known as SSL.

If your website is not using HTTPS/SSL your website credibility and search engine rankings will be affected.

Google introduced SSL as a weak ranking signal way back in 2014. At the time, Google hinted that over time, they might decide to strengthen it as a signal because they wanted to encourage all website owners to switch from non-secure HTTP to secure-HTTPS.

In January 2017, that time has come!

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer – SSL – is a technology used to encrypt data that travels between a website and a user’s computer. You are probably already quite familiar with SSL technology – you just may not have realised how prevalent (and useful) it is. SSL encryption is typically used to encrypt sensitive personal information, like credit card details at the checkout of an online store. By using SSL these details are encrypted so that in the event of cyber criminals intercepting those details, they will be unable to read or use that information.

Google have announced changes to its indexing algorithm that gives a slight priority to sites that use SSL when defining search engine rankings. As a result, website owners are being encouraged to apply SSL technology to their entire site to protect their customers and potentially receive a favourable Google ranking.

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