ForcEncrypt gives you true peer to peer encrypted delivery

ForcEncrypt lets you safely send encrypted email containing corporate and financial data, personal info, legal docs, medical records, and more anywhere in the world. Rather than encrypting in the cloud (like most solutions), ForcEncrypt secures your data when you hit send—before it leaves your device. ForcEncrypt’s Device Level Encryption means your data is never “up for grabs” as it travels through cyberspace.

Encrypted emails go straight from sender device to recipient device and are never decrypted along the way. Only sender-defined recipients have the ability to decrypt, view, and send an encrypted reply on their device through the ForcEncrypt app.


With digital rights management (DRM) you get real control over your content

ForcEncrypt Data Rights Management (DRM) enables users to maintain tight control over their digital content. DRM provides users of ForcEncrypt with the ability to place time sensitive boundaries on their data, and with respect to users of ForcEncrypt, restrict recipients from being able to print, copy, forward or save emails.

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    Have you ever sent a message and immediately wished you could take it back?

    With ForcEncrypt’s DRM, authors can revoke access rights to an email message and its attachments at any time, and from that point forward recipients will no longer be permitted to access the protected content.

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    Have you ever wished you could make a unreadable before a cetain time?

    DRM, authors can time-bound messages and their attachments so they can’t be opened before or after specific dates & times.

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    Have you ever wished you could get a trustworthy “read receipt” that tells you when someone has viewed your content?

    With ForcEncrypt’s DRM, authors can request a true read receipt and what’s more, (unbeknownst to the recipient) ForcEncrypt will send the author a time & date stamped email message that shows precisely when the recipient accessed the protected content.

When they can see it

Access rights provide users with the ability to ensure not only that specific individuals can gain access to their content, but when and for how long they can access it. Choose the date/time window during which the content may be viewed, and even revoke recipient access completely.

What they can do

Usage rights provide users of ForcEncrypt with the capability to apply usage controls to their emails and attachments. Users who choose to apply DRM to an email can prevent printing, copying, forwarding, or saving of the email or it’s attachments.


Enables a single-location Encryption experience

Outlook users can install an Add-in that integrates ForcEncrypt with the email client. Because of the tight integration between this plugin and Outlook, some special Outlook-only features are available.

Outlook users benefit from features such as choosing DRM settings on sent messages, decryption of received messages, managment of multiple accounts and more… all from within Outlook.

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    Decrypt .SAFE files directly within Outlook
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    Reply, reply all, and forward decrypted content
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    View/edit settings within Outlook