If your website has a contact from then you must have an SSL certificate installed to make steps towards GDPR compliance.

Without HTTPS, data from a contact form will be sent unencrypted, and can therefore be intercepted by a 3rd party in transit.

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer – SSL – is a technology used to encrypt data that travels between a website and a user’s computer. You are probably already quite familiar with SSL technology – you just may not have realised how prevalent (and useful) it is. SSL encryption is typically used to encrypt sensitive personal information, like credit card details at the checkout of an online store., but now it is required for ANY contact form on ANY website in order to comply with GDPR.

By using SSL, details are encrypted so that in the event of cybercriminals intercepting those details, they will be unable to read or use that information.

Benefits of HTTPS

GDPR Compliance

If your website has an SSL certificate, you’re making steps towards GDPR compliance.

Increased Security

HTTPS protects your customers’ personal and financial information from falling into the hands of a third party. So-called “man-in-the-middle attacks” refer to when information is intercepted by a third party when it is sent between the user and the website. While HTTP websites can fall victim to these attacks, HTTPS websites cannot.

Mobile Usage

Due to Google’s mobile index, it is likely that switching to HTTPS will have a larger effect on mobile browsing than on desktop. When Google converts web pages to AMP, it requires them to be secure. This means that only using HTTP could have a severely detrimental effect on your place in the mobile rankings.

Browse Faster

When HTTPS is enabled, your website’s users are likely to experience slightly faster browsing speeds as well as added security. A faster website is a definite bonus when trying to drive traffic towards your website.

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