GDPR and email security will come into force on 25th May, 2018 and we offer the only ‘plugin free’ Encrypted email system on the market
to cover you against some of the compliance requirements. GDPR will affect your business. It’s not just for the big corporations either….we all need to prepare!

With email proving to be the first point of entry for many cyber attacks, data loss prevention and other security measures are crucial when it comes to data protection. A robust email security service is absolutely necessary to enhance protection and maximise compliance with GDPR.

Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention – Mailprotector Bracket

With Mailprotector Bracket you are covered against sending emails that contain sensitive information, personal details, invoices, statements, yearly accounts information and other types of data that could be inappropriately or inadvertently shared, ensuring that your organisation is not at risk of losing sensitive information or being fined in the process.

If you need encryption for your email, whether you are in the health industry, a lawyer, banker or other professional service and need to protect your clients’ or patients’ sensitive information then Mailprotector Bracket is the perfect solution.

Features of Mailprotector Bracket

  • No apps or plugins to install
  • Securely sign in without password
  • Works on any email client, on any OS
  • Branded with your Company name, address, logo etc..
  • Handles file attachments up to 250Mb
  • Ability to add an expiry date to an email or recall an email that was sent by mistake
  • Email notification sent when an email has been opened, so you know exactly when your encrypted email was viewed
  • Surprisingly affordable and can be enabled on existing Mailprotector users within minutes

With the launch of GDPR, there are a lot of changes which are going to be coming forth for IT managers at every type of company. As these changes go into place, the way personal data is stored and protected will have to change, and every individual/company dealing with EU citizens’ personal data will have to use an advanced email security solution to maximise their confidence in compliance with GDPR.