CloudFilter stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages which contain offensive, harmful, or policy violating content are held in quarantine, while any good messages continue on their way to the end user.

Email-based threats to the security of your business continue to grow increasingly sophisticated as spammers innovate new tactics for evading spam and virus filtration systems. CloudFilter puts your email security in the cloud, so you never again have to worry about keeping up with these malicious attackers. Your email security stays current, automatically protecting your business around the clock.


Keep secure data from leaking via email

Utilise pre-defined content lexicons to secure data such as Social Security or credit card numbers, or create custom rules to cover your specific policies or legal compliance needs. SafeSend gives administrators the ability to define which content is not OK to send out.

Prevent outbound spam and viruses

Inadvertently sending spam and viruses makes you look bad. SafeSend from Mailprotector takes all the awesome features of CloudFilter’s advanced filtering systems and adds quarantine management, email footers, TLS encryption enforcement and policy based compliance.

For businesses, there has never been more data to manage and preserve. With no storage and retention limits, SecureStore archives a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal emails.

Protecting critical business information isn’t only prudent; in many cases, it’s mandatory for legal and regulatory reasons.

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    Quickly respond to audits and eDiscovery requests
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    Recover lost or deleted files and emails
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    Protect intellectual property

ForcEncrypt lets you safely send encrypted email containing corporate and financial data, personal info, legal docs, medical records, and more anywhere in the world. Rather than encrypting in the cloud (like most solutions), ForcEncrypt secures your data when you hit send—before it leaves your device. ForcEncrypt’s Device Level Encryption means your data is never “up for grabs” as it travels through cyberspace.

Encrypted emails go straight from sender device to recipient device and are never decrypted along the way. Only sender-defined recipients have the ability to decrypt, view, and send an encrypted reply on their device through the ForcEncrypt app.

Microsoft Exchange 2016 plus the advanced security of mailprotector

Exchange+ from Mailprotector delivers Exchange 2016 with better email, calendars, contacts, Outlook Web App and more, while helping customers collaborate and communicate more securely.

Inbound and outbound email security included


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